50 Shades of Grey: Watch out guys – demands may be made

Fifty Shades of Grey – watch out guys – demands may be made!

I wanted to know what all the fuss was about so I read the first book and I’m now half-way through the second in the series. I’m reading to see if I can work out why it’s such a huge hit.

All the criticism I have seen about the quality of writing is justified – it is repetitive, unoriginal and the first book needs a damn good edit.

Having said that, sex itself is a repetitive activity and what the book does is take this ordinary activity and stick it into a romantic fanatasy that women, young and old, are devouring, wishing all the time that they were Anastasia and that their husbands/lovers/boyfriends were like Christian Grey. Every sex scene feeds their desires and frustrations a little more so maybe the men whose partners are reading these books should watch out – demands may be placed upon them that they will not, cannot and maybe should not fulfil.

So, guys, if your wife is quietly reading her Kindle while lying beside you in bed, ask her what she’s reading – just so you can prepare yourselves.



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