Making it up as you go along

Eleven mornings ago I was lying in bed, day-dreaming, when I was struck by an idea for a new children’s book.  I lay there for some time, turning it over in my mind, trying to decide if I could actually write an exciting fantasy adventure for children aged between 8 and 12 years. I’d never written a fantasy story before never mind one for children, though I have read many over the years.  In addition, I already had two books half-written that I was planning to finish before I started something new.  I understood from other writers that writing for children of this age group is hardest of all, especially since J K Rowling set the bar so very high.

I went about my daily tasks but, whatever I did, that idea would not shift so I gave in, sat down with my laptop and began to write.  Did I know who the main characters were going to be?  No.  Did I have the first idea where the story was set?  No.  What sort of a book was it going to be?  I wasn’t sure.  The only thing I knew for certain was that it involved a cuckoo clock.  I had the clock in my mind’s eye, and the whole story developed from there.

Now, on morning eleven, I have a title ‘The Golden Cuckoo’. I have 12,000 plus words written and the whole project is going very well so far.  Do I have the slightest idea of what happens next?  No, I’m making the whole lot up as I go along and it’s the most writing fun I’ve had for years.  Will it all work out in the end?  Maybe – I do have an inkling of a possible ending, but there’s a long way to go and I have no idea of how I can move my characters there, but I’m going to carry on and see what happens.  Maybe I’ll get stuck, or maybe not.  It really doesn’t matter.  I’m loving every second of this particular journey and I’m not sure I want it to end – at least not for quite a while yet.



Black Friday Books

For the past few years, I’ve been intrigued by the concept of ‘Black Friday’ being the day everyone in the US goes into a frenzy and buys, buys and buys some more stuff for their loved ones for Thanksgiving and the Festive Season (Christmas).  Black Friday hasn’t quite made it to the UK yet, though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, which seems to be the trigger for the spending frenzy. Now, I’m sure not everyone goes crazy on Black Friday – it’s just another day, right?  You don’t have to do all your shopping on that particular day and, thinking of all those people working to make other people’s Black Friday the best, they’ll have to shop at a different time.  My books are available to download onto your e-book reader 24/7, 52 weeks of the year.  Remember, a good book is not just for Christmas.

Amazon have ads on my account page and, I’m guessing, everyone else’s reminding them about Black Friday, so I hope you’ll be kind enough to spare a few moments while I tell you about my e-books.  They are all available to download from, (and amazon.everywhere else) and from Smashwords in all available formats.

The first is ‘Lying in Wait’:

‘He could just see himself, in a year or so, going back home with his pockets stuffed with cash and his Da, Zach and Ma welcoming him with big smiles and open arms. It would be that grand he could hardly wait.’

But when Malachy Flynn finds himself mixed up with the Conway family in Dublin, he realises that making money isn’t always easy – or legal. Then there’s gang boss, Brogan. No-one messes with Brogan. Ever.

Northumberland farmer Tom Oliver prefers the company of married women, but time’s running out for him when his new dairyman moves to Netherwell Farm with his dangerously attractive wife and her pretty younger sister.

In London, Mal falls in love with Tom’s niece, Jess, but they are forced to flee to Northumberland when his secret past catches up with him.  Revelations and death turn everyone’s lives upside down. Can Mal protect those he loves or will he forever be watching over his shoulder, waiting for Brogan to take revenge?

Next, ‘A Bed of Knives’: Contemporary romance with an edge!

Friendship can get complicated when you start to fancy the guys you hang out with. When Eddie suggests a night out to celebrate the end of their final exams, four friends look forward to the evening with different expectations.
Fast forward five years.  Gina and Rose rescue Spider from living rough in Oxford.

Will their friendship survive the revelations of the following days?

***Not erotica but does contain strong language and explicit sex.***

Finally, ‘Meggie Blackthorn’: Suitable for Middle Grade readers.


Early 1960s – Newcastle UK.  When eleven-year-old Meggie’s feckless Dad doesn’t pay the coal man she takes matters into her own hands. With her younger brother, Jack, she sets off to find the free coal she knows can be found in the pit heaps opposite their village. When she and Jack return home from their adventure, she’s punished.  Does she still love her dad?  She’s not so sure and when she has to make  a choice between going to live with her grandparents at their newsagent’s shop in Newcastle so she can go to the grammar school or staying in Shippon  and going to the local secondary school she decides to leave home.

She soon finds herself in an ever bigger mess. Billy Fish and The Codmother are ripping off Meggie’s grandparents. With her new friend, paperboy Dave Spedding, she tries to help, but finds herself trapped in a dangerous situation.

Growing pains, a new school, dealing with Billy Fish’s threats against her grandparents and coping with long-hidden family secrets stretch Meggie’s resourcefulness and strength of character to the limit.  (66,000 words)

Well, that’s about it from me for now.  Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Festive Season and a Happy New Year to everyone.